Issue I: available for download

Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth) is now available for download!

Get your copy of our first issue here.

Our issues are free to download but if you wish to donate in receipt of your copy, you can use the Donate page. Currently, donations are used to pay for the domain and for the editor’s time and work.

Thank you to all of your submissions and to the following contributors:

Sreelakshmi Aravind / Ira Ares / Jaya Avendel / Ingrid B / Constance Bourg / Gina Bowen / Adrienne Burris / Karan Chambers / Brandon Clarke / Candice Louisa Daquin / John De Gruyther / Tom Francis / Molly Furey / Deepti G. / Zoe Gray / Laura Groves / Pieter L. Harreman / Barbara Leonhard / John W. Leys / Katy Luxem / Gabriela Marie Milton / Sanket Mhatre / Jay Mora-Shihadeh / S. K. Nicholas / Lisa Perkins / Abbey Lynne Rays / Kristiana Reed / Holly Ruskin / Skyler Saunders / Eleanor Shaw / Shay Siegel / Ivor Steven / Mark Tulin / Lynn White / Howard Young.

Throughout this issue you will be confronted with both mythological and viscerally human responses to mortality and I hope you enjoy. Settle in, take your time and meet Hebe in human form.


19 responses to “Issue I: available for download”

  1. Reblogged this on My Screaming Twenties and commented:

    Issue I from my literary magazine adventure is now available to download for free!


  2. I’m excited to get my copy!

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    1. I hope you enjoy it!

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  3. […] reading in Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth) Many thanks to editor Kristiana Reed for her tireless efforts to bring this magazine to fruition, […]

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  4. The issue has gorgeous images and beautiful words, Kristiana! The poetry is magical. I am honored to be among so many masterful poets. Thank you!

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    1. It was my pleasure and an honour ♥️


  5. Wonderful work and a great choice of poems, can’t wait until the next edition.

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  6. Positively delighted to be part of this alongside so many new and fellow writers!
    Thank you. ❤

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  7. Reblogged this on The World Outside the Window and commented:
    I’m excited to be a part of the first edition of this literary magazine. My first villanelle too… Check out the wonderful writers and artists in this edition themed around the fountain of youth.

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  8. So thrilled to be part of this! 🙂

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    1. Honoured to have included your work!


  9. Reblogged this on Life and Times of a Quirky Character and commented:
    Be sure to check out Issue 1 of Free Verse Rvolution! It is filled with incrible writing and photgraphy! I really enjoyed this issue!

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      1. Of course! congrats on such a inspirational Issue 1!

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  10. […] Freeverse Revolution was featured last Sunday. If you haven’t downloaded their most recent issue Hebe (fountain of youth), I would highly recommend you […]

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