Prompt Challenge #1

In the lead up to the announcement of Issue II, we will be releasing three prompts this week. These prompts hint slightly at the overarching theme of Issue II.

Post your response in the comments below so we can reblog our favourites next week.

Happy writing!

10 responses to “Prompt Challenge #1”

  1. In The Styx

    I took a dip in the river.
    They told me it would make me
    But they lied.
    In fact I was accident prone.
    Scrape after scrape,
    fall after fall,
    that was my experience
    of living my life.
    But I always survived
    until now
    when I’m standing
    waiting for the ferryman
    to take me across the river,
    the same river,
    or maybe not
    I forget.
    Perhaps he’s already been
    and taken me to Lethe
    by mistake.
    I forget.
    My memory doesn’t flow
    as swiftly as it used to.
    Perhaps it clogged
    when he let me sink
    into the mud of the marshland
    on another wrong turning.
    But I’ll stand and wait
    a little longer.
    This time
    I know
    I must cross
    and give up my soul
    to eternity.

    Lynn White

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  2. I met my lover dipping his toes in the water
    Of the damned.
    I gazed upon him half-dressed from
    My shining shore.
    The river screamed above my heart
    The words he spoke were drowned out.

    We made bridges in each other’s eyes
    We walked upon them in our dreams though
    Daybreak tore them down.

    My tongue begins to fork
    With longing and
    I do not know it but he
    Is turning his horns into wings.

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  3. Crossing the River Styx

    The thoughts the ancient Greek souls
    were impelled to think while being
    ferried, packed out, side by side Charon,
    heeding to his infernal recital of Narcissus
    being cursed in the Hades of ever reflective
    on his reflections in the sloughy waters of
    Styx was kindred to my thoughts, the other
    night as l lay awaiting sleep.

    He stated, Narcissus was nothing but a phantom
    of what he was and everyone there was spotted
    by their smiles and by their teeth for this is what
    remain. This was akin to my night musings on
    my fellow workers smiles and their teeth, but in
    no way peculiar of me, I who forever recalled
    people by their smiles and by their teeth and
    even ranked them accordingly.

    I imagine the ancient souls had a hell of time
    while being transported to a hell of place, retrieving
    the smiles, recalling the teeth of the ones who
    got crossed in case of telling them apart
    in the marshy waters of Styx.

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  4. Where are you going?
    Rippling waves
    Lap against
    The worn and
    Wooden skiff
    He does not
    Answer my
    Extending a hand
    I know the exact amount
    I know the payment required
    A tarnished silver coin
    Pale eyes
    He looks through my soul
    Where are you going?

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  5. Dementia

    Take the coin
    From my tongue.

    Pluck the arrow from
    My eye.

    I am a nymph no longer.
    My star-crossed days are done.

    And where these streams converge
    I will not wade,
    Nor lay me down.

    I’ve no fee for the ferryman,
    Tea for the tillerman,
    Song for the nameless.

    I will not cross the River Styx.

    They’ve taken the toll
    And leave me no choice.

    Lethe’s pale blue wave
    Will wash away
    Hearth and home,
    Reflection and notion,
    Sense and wit,
    Volition and voice.

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