Prompt Challenge #2

In the lead up to the announcement of Issue II, we will be releasing three prompts this week. These prompts hint slightly at the overarching theme of Issue II.

Post your response in the comments below so we can reblog our favourites next week.

Happy writing!

9 responses to “Prompt Challenge #2”


    In my portion of the universe,
    young females are forbidden
    to step out of homes while dusk,
    lest they fall target to amorous
    gods wandering the earth at that
    time betwixt day and night to
    spot virgins in their entire spell
    along with the downing sun.

    And every woman, I affirm
    did step outside the threshold
    while dusk seeking her god
    not once but numerous times,
    crimson and burning in love,
    just to sight a god in human form.

    How could Zeus guise himself
    Other than the swan?

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  2. Midnight bells
    Ring into the
    Great beyond
    As the fae folk
    Emerge from
    A netherworld
    I saw the
    King and Queen
    Dance into the
    And bring
    Their deviment party
    To overtake
    The great beyond
    Until the dawn

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  3. Paradise Regained

    Cormorants sit like Satan,
    on top of the knowledge tree,
    like unholy fruit standing,
    where the light should be.

    The cathedral of my soul,
    contains those dark corners,
    where stained light will not stroll,
    only occasional mourners.

    The sporadic steady light.
    comes from you and me
    sparkling in the twilight,
    it is just enough to see.

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  4. Leaping With Faith

    We feel free again
    out here on the wild heath
    and we’re whirling and twirling
    like a dervish
    with the devil in us
    reclaiming our wildness
    that was hidden for so long
    when we were
    just hanging on
    our spirits sapped
    at home alone.
    But we’re out now
    feeling reckless
    with excitement,
    jumping for joy
    leaping with faith
    ready to go again.

    Lynn White

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