Prompt Challenge #3

In the lead up to the announcement of Issue II, we will be releasing three prompts this week. These prompts hint slightly at the overarching theme of Issue II.

Post your response in the comments below so we can reblog our favourites next week.

Happy writing!

8 responses to “Prompt Challenge #3”

  1. Midsummer Madness

    I saw a rabbit in the clouds
    it was eating something,
    but what was it?
    Didn’t look like a carrot,
    more like an ice cream cone,
    well it was a hot day.
    Perhaps it was no rabbit
    but a hare with a touch of
    midsummer madness.
    Later it re arranged itself
    and became a cat,
    quite definitely cat,
    a Cheshire Cat
    no doubt about it
    hoping to join Hare and Alice
    at the tea party.
    And who knows,
    if the White Rabbit is on time
    maybe he’ll bring ice cream for all.
    Anything can happen
    on a midsummer

    Lynn White

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  2. Tree Life (Ents)

    How do trees meet?
    Do they wander
    aimlessly through
    the thick forest.

    Do they wait patiently,
    standing their ground,
    biding their tree-time
    slow as the universe?

    Maybe the one they
    are waiting for stands
    right in front of them,
    when love grows like mist,
    but grips like iron later.

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  3. Here’s my offering

    From the sky

    Thank you

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  4. Now You See It

    Thanks for the prompts—such fun today!

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