Waking on the River Styx – L. Stevens

Written in response to our prompt ‘crossing the river Styx’. We will be sharing a piece by someone in our community each day this week in the lead up to our Issue II announcement next week.

Waking on the River Styx by L. Stevens

flat on my back, my eyes open

to darkness, I sit

up quickly, then freeze, feeling

the boat rock and shift

the air is heavy

with wails and groans, the closest

weighted cries of grief

arms reach out of black water

stretch towards the boat

fingers scraping against wood

grips too weak to hold

the riverbank looms

a fiery orange shore

then an endless gloom

4 responses to “Waking on the River Styx – L. Stevens”

  1. Great response to the prompt! 😊

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  2. Thank for sharing my piece!

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