Where are you going? – Liyona

Written in response to our prompt ‘crossing the river Styx’. We will be sharing a piece by someone in our community each day this week in the lead up to our Issue II announcement next week.

Where are you going? by Liyona

Where are you going?


Rippling waves

Lap against

The worn and


Wooden skiff


He does not

Answer my


Extending a hand


I know the exact amount

I know the payment required


A tarnished silver coin


Pale eyes

He looks through my soul


Where are you going?

3 responses to “Where are you going? – Liyona”

  1. Thank you so much for showcasing my piece! I can’t wait to see the theme for Issue II !

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    1. Not long now! We hope you will consider submitting ♥️

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  2. Reblogged this on Life and Times of a Quirky Character and commented:
    Here is a poem I wrote in response to the prompt “River Styx”. I look forward to seeing the theme for Issue II of Free Verse Revolution!

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