Issue II: contributors

It is a pleasure to announce the following people will be featured in Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope).

Poetry by: 

  • Karen Fraser
  • Pieter L. Harreman
  • Lynn White
  • Enrico Barigazzi
  • Jaya Avendel
  • Malgosia
  • clementine valerie black
  • Richard LeDue
  • Jay Mora-Shihadeh
  • Ellie Morfou
  • ESH Leighton
  • Jess Janz
  • Vanessa Napolitano
  • Liyona
  • Sarah E. Hoffman
  • R. Berchild
  • Lori Zybala
  • Elisa
  • Tan Ruey Fern
  • Sarah Bellum Mental
  • Nick Reeves
  • Jodie Duffy
  • Ginger Harris
  • Ellie Onka
  • Victoria Punch
  • Dee Li
  • Howard Young
  • L. Stevens
  • Lisa Perkins
  • Cassie Fielding
  • George J Cardy
  • Kim Escobar
  • Navila Nahid
  • Kristiana Reed

Prose by:

  • Ingrid B. 
  • Nick Reeves
  • S. K. Nicholas
  • Gabriela Marie Milton

Photography/art from:

  • Jonathan O’Farrell
  • Jay Mora-Shihadeh
  • Kristiana Reed

Issue II will be released later this month. Keep your eyes peeled for a front cover reveal in a few days…

4 responses to “Issue II: contributors”

  1. Great news Kristiana, thank you for all of your efforts!

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  2. congratulations to all I cant wait to read 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on My Screaming Twenties and commented:

    It is an honour to edit Free Verse Revolution; the second Issue will be released very soon and will feature the work of several, very talented contributors!


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