Issue II: Nick Reeves

Below is an excerpt from a piece of prose by Nick Reeves in Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope)

Photocopy of a snapshot in the mirror frame by Nick Reeves

She told me more than once that I reminded her of her first lover, a youth named Stewart who, shortly after they had met, plummeted from a 1940s sky in a burning fighter plane somewhere off the coast of Dover in a dogfight. One day she brought in a photocopy of a snapshot of a young and pale airman, his RAF cap sat at a jaunty angle. I felt the heat and the sickening sensation of falling.

I have lost count of the times that confused eyes have been drawn toward this photocopy of a snapshot in the mirror frame, and the question asked, is that you?

Issue II will be released on Tuesday, 15th June

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  1. Looking forward to this…

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