Issue II released

Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope) is now available to download!

The digital download is completely free but if you wish to donate/pay as you feel, you can do so through the Donate tab.

Our summer issue celebrates the abstract, surrealism and the multi-faceted with many contributors reflecting upon life and death.

Thank you to our incredible contributors: Jaya Avendel, Ingrid B., Enrico Barigazzi, Renwick Berchild, clementine valerie black, George J Cardy, Jodie Duffy, Elisa, Kim Escobar, Tan Ruey Fern, Cassie Fielding, Karen Fraser, Pieter L. Harreman, Ginger Harris, Sarah E. Hoffman, Jess Janz, Richard LeDue, ESH Leighton, Dee Li, Liyona, Malgosia lp, Sarah Bellum Mental, Gabriela Marie Milton, Jay Mora-Shihadeh, Ellie Morfou, Navila Nahid, Vanessa Napolitano, S. K. Nicholas, Jonathan O’Farrell, Ellie Onka, Lisa Perkins, Victoria Punch, L. Stevens, Kristiana Reed, Nick Reeves, Lynn White, Howard Young, Lori Zybala.

I hope you enjoy Issue II immensely. It was a joy to put together!

Prompts ahead of Issue III’s theme announcement will be released next week, so stay tuned…

Happy reading,


19 responses to “Issue II released”

  1. Hello from Czech,

    “A wonderful conversation, it flows like a river, you like to dive into it … and again and again, because you always find something new, in your words. And a chance to get to know you better, Gabriela, thank you for the opportunity. ”

    I left these words on Gabriela’s page, thank You too for a wonderful conversation, it’s good to know that there are more of us in the world … let’s use words, let’s change the world for the better, let’s give the word imagination before we are eaten by an over-technological alienated planet.

    So I do what I do, I read outside, in various places, castles, chateaux, on planes, in the underground, tomorrow will read in a pyramid in the garden with one painter, if it works out, on ships, read, record reading, take photos, make them short videos and put them on youtube … even if only one person liked it, it makes sense, because poetry wants to go out, among the people, it wants to be read, heard, only one word


    it’s all in it.

    Life, love, pain, desire, woman.
    Thanks for a wonderful interview!

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