Prompt challenge #1

In the lead up to Issue III’s theme announcement on Sunday, 4th July, we are releasing three prompts this week which are linked in some way to the upcoming issue. These prompts can be used to inspire poetry, prose, photography & art.

Our top three favourites will be shared on the blog next week! Post your response as a comment or as a link in the comments.

Prompt 1: where I belong

9 responses to “Prompt challenge #1”

  1. […] Response to Free Verse Revolution Issue III pre-prompt […]

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  2. Not sure this is what you had in mind, but it is what my mind responded with

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  3. Grounded

    Flitting bird cries across the sky
    Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth . . .

    Her trailing grief
    Alights in the heart
    Pieces to the center
    Swells to break against four shores
    Leaving hair curlers in the sand.

    Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth . . .

    An impossibly splitting soprano
    Shadow against the sun
    A woman stamps her feet and dances
    To the husky voice of a summer squash

    Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth . . .
    Tempting her soul from her bones.

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  4. Coming Home

    I think that today
    will be my home coming day,
    the day I come back
    to where I belong
    even though,
    I was never here before,
    never in this place,
    never with this person.
    I know I’m home.
    I can feel it.
    And know I will stay
    and that you
    will stay
    with me.
    This place and this person,
    have engulfed me.
    Surrounded me in sweetness
    and brought me back
    from wherever I was,
    Brought me home.
    It’s the day I’ve been waiting for.

    Lynn White

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  5. Here’s my response to this prompt:

    Where I Belong (Kintsugi)

    Enjoy 🙂

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  6. love from LA thanks for the opportunity xo
    the other stars

    the other stars

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