Prompt challenge #2

In the lead up to Issue III’s theme announcement on Sunday, 4th July, we are releasing three prompts this week which are linked in some way to the upcoming issue. These prompts can be used to inspire poetry, prose, photography & art.

Our top three favourites will be shared on the blog next week! Post your response as a comment or as a link in the comments.

Prompt 2: we were built on sand

5 responses to “Prompt challenge #2”

  1. We were built on sand
    But the weight of love
    In our hearts was so heavy
    It would not let us blow away

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  2. Sandcastles

    He’s standing on the beach
    with a small suitcase.
    It’s unclear
    if the suitcase is full
    or empty.
    Once he packed it full
    of his dreams,
    but now
    it’s unclear
    if any remain.
    He thinks now
    that they were built on sand,
    sandcastles on the beach
    to be carried away
    on a storm tide,
    or washed up
    and buried
    in the sand.

    All that is clear
    is the emptiness
    of a long horizon.

    Lynn White

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  3. thank you for the opportunity xo


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