Issue III: call for submissions (2)

What are we looking for?

Short prose

Creative non-fiction/personal essays

Issue III’s theme

Issue III: hestia (hearth & home) invites you to interpret the ideas of home, the hearth, belonging, and guardianship, as well as explore Hestia’s story or the cult of the Vestal Virgins. Home is not always a place. We seek belonging in people, in feelings and in our history. Family dynamics are often given rather than chosen. Do we perhaps all have a constant in our lives, like a flame, that if it should burn out, we will fail? Explore too what womanhood means to you: Hestia chose virginity instead of a married life but did that really mean freedom?

We would love to see short prose pieces with a narrative linked to the above or to read about personal experiences linked to these themes.

Submission guidelines

You may submit up to two pieces of prose and/or creative non-fiction for consideration.

The deadline is August 20th.

All submissions should be emailed to

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