Issue III: call for submissions (3)

What are we looking for?


Visual poetry (blackout / collages)

Issue III’s theme

Issue III: hestia (hearth & home) invites you to interpret the ideas of home, the hearth, belonging, and guardianship, as well as explore Hestia’s story or the cult of the Vestal Virgins. Home is not always a place. We seek belonging in people, in feelings and in our history. Family dynamics are often given rather than chosen. Do we perhaps all have a constant in our lives, like a flame, that if it should burn out, we will fail? Explore too what womanhood means to you: Hestia chose virginity instead of a married life but did that really mean freedom?

We would love to see poetic responses either in written form or formatted as an image.

Submission guidelines

You may submit up to four pieces for consideration but multiple submissions must be given a page each. Poems should not exceed 40 lines.

If submitting visual poetry, images should be crisp and 300 DPI.

The deadline is August 20th.

All submissions should be emailed to

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