Issue III: The Original Feminist / Ellie Morfou

A cruel father’s daughter,

you gained the right to supervise every sacrifice;

the leading woman in the household of the Gods,

but not a housewife.

A mighty brother’s sister,

you claimed the right to preside over your life;

your royal suitors were denied your hand,

your heart, your soul.

Instead, you gave your sacred self to you,

a maiden for eternity, by choice.

Self-love never extinguished

burning fiercely

like the flames in your stone-lined heart.

Forever undomesticated queen of domesticity,

Hestia, you lived just as you pleased;

and so shall we. 

Ellie Morfou was born in the mid-1980s under a different name in Crete, Greece. The poet inside her emerged amidst the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, which helped her remember how much she used to love writing as a child. Since rediscovering this passion of hers, she has been writing verses endlessly and enjoys it thoroughly! When not writing, she spends time with her family, hangs out with friends, translates legal documents and makes time for reading. She loves the sea, ice cream and learning new languages. Part of her work is available on her instagram page @elliemorfou (for published work check

Issue III will be released on Saturday, 25th September.

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