Issue III: Genesis / Brianna Flood

I was born from the stardust of Sagittarius

never lingering long enough

for the earth to take hold of me,

for anyone to


touch-starved and touch-staved,

repelling the very thing I crave,

foundations built of sand,

washed away


home is an overgrown tree branch

scratching at the window

until it shatters


and sirens piercing the silence


and empty gardens

full of dirt made of thirst


the drought came when

my parents realized

I would never be what they expected


home is where everything hurts

Brianna Flood is a native New Yorker who seeks a sense of identity through words. She has had a love of literature and writing since childhood, and that love has only deepened with time. When not writing, she can probably be found drinking iced coffee and contemplating existence. You can find her at @goldlacedink on Instagram.

Issue III will be released on Saturday, 25th September.

One response to “Issue III: Genesis / Brianna Flood”

  1. Home, is something we expect, as children which offers us the protection, the love and support we needed, to thrive, and to grow, but, unfortunately, it never, fulfilled, these particular, fuctions we needed them to, which is why, we are, having, these, problems, we are, having, a difficult time deing with, as, adults…


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