Issue III: Till I’m Dead / Devereaux Frazier

The following is an excerpt from one of Frazier’s poems featured in Issue III: hestia (hearth & home) which you can download for free here.

“the state of my identity is shattered

twirling clouds of smoke on the battlefield

endless slaughter capped with drunken nights

to forget the faces slain before me

family? ironically my captors, invaders

spoiling the riches planted in me

not at birth, but at conception

when the universal mother decided

it was my time to be

they scrape my skin with pieces of their failure

shards of identities split from trauma

I can never see, and they will never let me be


Curator of his own poetry blog – Musings of An Autistic Mind- on wordpress, Devereaux Frazier is also a regular contributor to Blood Into Ink, sharing his stories about survival and overcoming adversity. He’s also a Guest Barista for Go Dog Go Cafe, a collective of writers in the online community. His work is regularly featured on, where he was nominated for the May Publication of the Month in 2017. You can also find him on Literary Arts Review and Teen Ink, the latter of which published him in their monthly magazine in 2016. He also posts poems daily on his Instagram, @d.frazier.writes.

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