Issue IV Prompts

First of all, thank you so much for the support which has been shown to the issues we have released so far this year! A few numbers for you:

  • Since its March release, Issue I has been downloaded 690 times
  • Since its June release, Issue II has been downloaded 579 times
  • And in less than a week, Issue III has been downloaded 339 times!

As an Editor, the above numbers show me the vast interest and love our readers have for FVR. I hope we can continue to create issues which you enjoy and feel inspired by.

So, without further ado, ahead of the theme announcement next week, below are a few prompts which hint at Issue IV’s theme (our Winter issue)!

If you choose to use any of the prompts below please share your work in the comments below; we will be sharing out favourites on the website. Responses can be written, artistic or photographic.

Issue IV Prompts

  • forbidding
  • shadowy darkness
  • chthonic love
  • the invisible world
  • infernal

The theme and submission deadline for Issue IV will be announced on Saturday, 9th October.

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