If tonight is all we have, stay // Kait Quinn

Kait Quinn (@kaitquinnpoetry) wrote this stunning piece heralding the arrival of October using all of the Issue IV teaser prompts.

Issue IV’s theme will be announced on Saturday, 9th October and submissions will reopen!

If tonight is all we have, stay by Kait Quinn

here, draped like crushed velvet

at the bottom of moon’s

stairway, extract happiness

from sadness, pearled harvest

from tombstone grey, pomegranate

seed from between my teeth.

swallow me like forbidden fruit.

beg for forgiveness in the light of day.

not here, in the shadowy darkness of

our chthonic love, infernal and

forbidding all wheat fields to sway,

all phlox to creep, all alyssum to tumble

across sunned earth, dark prince,

lick summer’s pollen off my lip,

conceal me in every word,

and pray for October.

One response to “If tonight is all we have, stay // Kait Quinn”

  1. From beginning to end, beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

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