Persephone // Corinna Board

Corinna Board (@parole_de_reveuse) retold the story of Persephone, beautifully, using the Issue IV teaser prompt ‘shadowy darkness’.

Issue IV’s theme will be announced on Saturday, 9th October and submissions will reopen!

Persephone by Corinna Board

I dreamt of a love that nurtured,

          not the kind that erupts,

beneath your feet,

          & wraps around you like ivy;

dragging you into the shadowy darkness

          of a living hell.


Mother went into mourning

& there was nothing to eat,

          so you set me free,

but they forgot that       gods are tricksters:

          a tiny seed was all it took

             to snare my heart.


                One blood red pip

                         staining my lips

                               with death’s kiss.


Now winter is coming,

& your embrace slips           around my neck

                         like a noose.


2 responses to “Persephone // Corinna Board”

  1. Lush, evocative imagery! Love the form of this piece. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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