Issue IV: contributors

Issue IV: hades (the unseen) will be released on Wednesday, 22nd December. Our final issue of 2021 will feature the incredible work of our contributors listed below.

Eva Korošec | Bithika Halder | Lisa Perkins

Barbara Harris Leonhard | Daya Bhat

Caitlin Kendall | Matt Thomas | Ingrid Wilson

Corinna Board | Shreyasi Poddar

Ellie Morfou | Howard Young | Greta Unetich

Sarah Bellum Mental | Jodie Duffy

Kait Quinn | Karen E. Fraser | Namoe

Emma Major | Jaya Avendel

Charles T. Low | Malgosia Ip | Christina Hennemann

Caitlan Docherty | Snehal

Christian Ward | Richard LeDue | Jennifer Patino

Leona | Kate MacAlister

Fatima Shoaib Qazi | Rebecca Kenny

3 responses to “Issue IV: contributors”

  1. Exciting news Kristiana!

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  2. I am delighted to see new and familiar faces!

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  3. Reblogged this on Life and Times of a Quirky Character and commented:
    Super excited to announce that I am part of this issuse!

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