Meet the Issue V contributors

Issue V: Cassandra will be released in mid-March in both digital and print format.

It will feature work from Barbara Leonhard, Bithika Halder, Brittny Woss, Charles T. Low, Debarati Ghose, Devereaux Frazier, Diana Story, Elizabeth A. Oates, Emily Mew, Emma Conally-Barklem, Enrico Barigazzi, Francesca Dewart, Ingrid Wilson, Iuliana Pasca, Jai Michelle, Kait Quinn, Karen E. Fraser, Laura Jameson, Leona, may hem, Molly Furey, Rachel Dickens, Rachel Thomas, Sarah Leavesley, S. K. Nicholas, Sangeetha, Sarah Bellum Mental, Snehal, Sophia Murray & Vanessa Napolitano.

2 responses to “Meet the Issue V contributors”

  1. Thank you, Kristiana, for including my poem and keeping us up to date on all matters of publication.

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  2. […] and honoured to have a poem featured in Free Verse Revolution’s upcoming Issue V: Cassandra, my first poem ever published elsewhere than this blog. Now I can brag […]

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