Issue V: Cassandra available now!

It is finally here! Thank you again for your patience with this issue. It has been a busy week and a final hectic hour of making sure it is ready for you.

Free digital download

Issue V: Cassandra – digital version

Print copy for purchase

Issue V: Cassandra – print version

Enjoy reading!

9 responses to “Issue V: Cassandra available now!”

  1. […] the latest copy of FVR magazine to continue reading. In this poem, I write about my mum and great aunt, who may have had the […]

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  2. Wonderful news! I am delighted to delve into this collection. ❤

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  3. I ordered the print copy. And by the way, I love the fonts and images – as well as the poetry, of course!

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    1. So pleased to hear that!

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  4. Reblogged this on Life and Times of a Quirky Character and commented:
    Beyond thanful and excited to announce that I have two poems featured in this issue. What a beautiful collection of artists and poets! This issue is filled with longings, challenging moments and brings to mind questions of “what is love in this world” and “Where do I find my beauty?”. Please consider purchasing the print version and supporting indie writers and publishers.

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  5. […] Until then, you can download or buy a copy of Issue V: Cassandra here. […]


  6. […] the meantime, you can always download and read Issue V: Cassandra or purchase a print copy. Click here to do […]


  7. […] deflect reality’ and ‘secret city’ published in Free Verse Revolution Issue V: Cassandra in March 2022. The print version can be ordered here, where there is also a link for the […]


  8. […] deflect reality’ and ‘secret city’ published in Free Verse Revolution Issue V: Cassandra in March 2022. The print version can be ordered here, where there is also a link for the […]


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