Issue V excerpts

Excerpt from Over the Winds by Jai-Michelle

I disappear into the dark hymn, white-eyed. drowned. 


yet, from the back of my knee 

grows a marigold like a small sun

dripping with eyes


I give her my mouth

but like burnt ships, her orange petalled swansong 

lies forgotten to the fog. 




Excerpt from My Mother’s Vanity by Barbara Leonhard


“I excavate more memories,

kicked under floorboards, 

polished to cover gouges 

in the wood panels.


Stomped on. Scuffed by flights 

from hall mirrors. 

Not for my eyes

to see 

what remains.”

Hypocrisy by Sangeetha

Her crimson clothes hung heavy

Yet Truth, Janus faced, decreed

That she must hide 

Under the shade of shame

If only to protect herself

If only to save her name

Issue V – digital download

Issue V – print version

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