Issue VII news

Contributor announcement

Issue VII: Tahmina (love & loss) will feature an interview with Emma Conally-Barklem. We will discuss love, loss and her work navigating grief and self-care through her role as a Yoga instructor.

Issue VII contributors:
  • Alexis Mitchell
  • Bartholomew Barker
  • Carella Keil
  • Chloe Adams
  • Dee Li
  • Duna Haller
  • Ellen Clayton
  • Elyse Welles
  • Emily Mew
  • Emma Conally-Barklem
  • Enrico Barigazzi
  • Eva Lynch-Comer
  • Evyenia Downey
  • Hasib Iftekhar
  • Howard Young
  • Ingrid Wilson
  • Ivana Kalaš
  • Jaya Avendel
  • Jodie Oakes
  • John de Gruyther
  • Jonathan Chan
  • K. Farrell
  • Kate MacAlister
  • Lisa Perkins
  • Lori Zybala
  • Lynn White
  • M. A. Dubbs
  • Maggie Kaprielian
  • Olivia Snowdrop
  • Priti Tiwari
  • Punam
  • Rachel Dickens
  • R S Kendle
  • Robin Harvey
  • Sammi Yamashiro
  • Sanket Mhatre
  • Shir Ariya
  • Shrehya Taneja
  • Tyler Hurula

Release date

Friday, 23rd September

Issue VII will be available as a free digital download and there will be a print edition you can purchase from the Lulu Bookstore.

Cover reveal

Designed by EIC Kristiana Reed

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