Issue VII excerpts

Below are three excerpts from poems which will be published in Issue VII: Tahmina (love & loss). Issue VII will be available on Friday, 23rd September.

from Coals in the Rain, by Elyse Welles

“I thought life was a circle

round and returning simply

an illusion in the flames


Maybe I knew that was the end

But how could I understand

that we would have no more beginnings


Dampened by time

I now embrace the cold

the illusion died with the flames”


from Sparrow Blood and Dust, by Eva Lynch-Comer

“I cannot believe I never broke

your skin with my teeth

never tasted your blood

held the salt on my tongue 

no, I laid myself in your hands


Now sparrow’s blood

stains your skin

the next time 

you try to capture another 

your flesh will burn

and she will run”

from Fledgling, by Rachel Dickens

“I am striving, but happy,

After the petrichor, soft, morning light.

My time has come and

I fly away over citrus and pine

zested fields.”

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