Issue VIII: Guinevere (rebirth)


Why Guinevere?

Since the 12th century, literature, theatre and film have used the character of Guinevere as a vehicle for their storytelling. She has been portrayed as everything from villain, seductress, warrior, noblewoman, victim, object of lust and of love. Rarely have we ever heard her story told in her own words. Instead, she is continually reborn each time Arthurian legend is reimagined. In many ways, she embodies the complexities of humanity; she is more than what meets the eye, as we all are.

Issue VIII encourages you to explore who you are, were and will be. Tell Guinevere’s tale or use the many facets of her legend to inspire you. This issue is about becoming, the narratives we tell and own. This issue is about reclamation and imagination. This issue is about identity, how we have and we will always be shaped by nature, nurture and the words in other peoples’ mouths. This issue is about rebirth, discovery and acknowledgement. This issue is about you. Tell your story. Own the truth of who you are in a way Guinevere has never been able to.

Issue VIII prompts to help inspire you:

  • enigma
  • their mouths are full of stories
  • see me for my roots and blooms
  • birth at dawn
  • what’s in a name

Listen to this issue’s Spotify playlist here.

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