Save the Date: 28/12/22

Issue VIII: Guinevere (rebirth) will be released digitally and in print on Wednesday 28th December 2022. Below is the first look at this issue’s front cover!

As always, digital copies will be free to download from our website while print copies will be purchasable from

If you missed it, Issue VIII features work by:

ADE, Allana Stuart, Amy Devine, Aparna Venkatesan, Barbara Harris Leonhard, Carella Keil, Cassie Senn, Claire Reberger, Duna Haller, Eleanore Dykes, Emily Tee, Emma Conally-Barklem, Enrico Barigazzi, Eric Avalon Huhta, Euzette Fermilan, Eva Korosec, Gemma, Nika, Howard Young, Ingrid, Jahra Tasfia Reza, Jennifer Cox, Jonathan O’Farrell, Karen Fraser, Luna Monet Sierra, Nicholas Olah, Nick Reeves, Nina Nazir, Olivia Snowdrop, R. S. Kendle, Rachael Powles, Robin Harvey, Sophia Murray & Yoda Olinyk.

One response to “Save the Date: 28/12/22”

  1. I can’t wait! The art is stunning, drawing in readers.

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