Truthtellers: contributors

Here is the full list of contributors to our Truthtellers anthology. Congratulations all!

from Issue V: Cassandra

  • Elizabeth A. Oates
  • Debarati Ghose
  • Bithika Halder
  • Jai-Michelle
  • Devereaux Frazier
  • Ingrid Wilson
  • Karen E. Fraser
  • Emma Conally-Barklem

from Issue VI: Li Ji

  • Irina Novikova
  • Robin L. Harvey
  • Laura Lewis-Waters
  • Emily Perkovich
  • Sarah Bellum Mental
  • Lisa Perkins
  • Morgan Hayes
  • Elisa Faggioli

from Issue VII: Tahmina

  • Kate MacAlister
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Shrehya Taneja
  • Eva Lynch-Comer
  • Sammi Yamashiro
  • Dee Li
  • Olivia Snowdrop
  • Tyler Hurula

Issue VIII: Guinevere

  • Amy Devine
  • Carella Keil
  • Jennifer Cox
  • Nick Reeves
  • Nina Nazir
  • Sophia Murray
  • Yoda Olinyk
  • Aparna Venkatesan

from our competition

  • Daisy Edwards
  • Lottie Anderson
  • Elyse Welles
  • Linett Luna Tovar
  • Faith Anna Morey

Truthtellers is scheduled for release on Monday, 30th January.

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