Issue IX: the contributors

We are pleased to share the list of contributors to Issue IX: anchor which will be published digitally and in print later this month. Congratulations to all!

Issue IX contributors

Aaron Lelito

Alicia Fezio

Arnab Chatterjee

Benjamin Parker

Carole Greenfield

Cherine El-Bash

Christian Ward

Dani De Luca

Donna Childress

Elaine Westnott-O’Brien

Eleanore Christine

El Smith

Elyse Welles

Emily Tee

Emma Foley

Emma Jayne Willson

Erica Leslie Weidner

Erin Clark

Eve Croskery

Isabelle B. L.

Jahra Tasfia Reza

Jan Ball

Jay Douglas

Lisa Criswell

Megan Cartwright

Meghan Feuk

Monica Robinson

Nina Nazir

Paul atten Ash


Rachel Macaulay

Richard LeDue

Rob Lowe

Sarah Bellum Mental

Satya Bosman

Suzanna Fitzpatrick

Tricia Sankey

While you wait for Issue IX, you can find and read all of our previous issues here.

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  1. […] Issue IX: anchor will be released in print and digitally on April 23rd. You can find out who the Issue IX contributors are here. […]


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