Issue IX: anchor

Truthtellers (our 2022 anthology)

Issues V – VIII

(as free digital downloads)
  • Issue V: Cassandra (prophecy & deceit) endeavours to be a place for the truth; a place to lift up rather than silence a myriad of voices.
  • Issue VI: Li Ji (courage & the serpent) issue is a showcase of writers and artists from across the globe exploring what courage, power, temptation & sacrifice mean to them.
  • Issue VII: Tahmina (love & loss) moves through the erotic, lust, to love and heartache, into memory and grief. These themes are spoken through an eclectic selection of poetry, prose and artwork to honour the lived experience of many.
  • Issue VIII: Guinevere (rebirth) explores who we are, were and will be. It is about becoming, the narratives we tell and own. It is about reclamation and imagination.

Issues I – IV

(as free digital downloads)
  • Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth) explores what it means to be young and the hallowed and mythologised nature of youth. 
  • Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope) celebrates the abstract, surrealism and the multi-faceted with many contributors reflecting upon life and death.
  • Issue III: hestia (hearth & home) explores what home means to us all through poetry, prose, photography & artwork. Contributors reveal how it feels to belong, how we are defined by people and places and how Hestia’s legacy lives on.
  • Issue IV: hades (the unseen) showcases an array of writers and artists who have tapped into the themes of the unknown, loss, death, love and fear, to siphon off humanity at its most vulnerable.
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