Issue II: submissions update

All submissions for Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope) have now been responded to via email. I received a higher number of submissions for Issue II (108 in total) and so Issue II will feature thirty eight incredible people. 

As always, I am full of gratitude for the support you continually show Free Verse Revolution. 

Next week, I will announce the contributors (officially), share who will be interviewed in Issue II and reveal Issue II’s cover. If you are an Issue II contributor, feel free to say so, you do not need to wait for the ‘official’ release!

Thank you!


3 responses to “Issue II: submissions update”

  1. Proud to be part of this! I am excited to see the cover as well as explore the beautiful writing of the fellow writers, new and old, within this issue. Thank you, Kristiana. ❤

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    1. Always a pleasure to publish you Jaya ♥️

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