Prompt challenge #3

In the lead up to Issue III’s theme announcement on Sunday, 4th July, we are releasing three prompts this week which are linked in some way to the upcoming issue. These prompts can be used to inspire poetry, prose, photography & art.

Our top three favourites will be shared on the blog next week! Post your response as a comment or as a link in the comments.

Prompt 3: watch it burn

7 responses to “Prompt challenge #3”

  1. Home Fires

    Gather round!
    Gather round
    the hearth
    it’s a cosy place
    if the fire is burning
    and we’ll keep it burning
    never fear
    the flames.
    Gather round
    to watch them flaring
    back to life
    and lapping
    from the once cooling embers,
    watch the shapes and shades
    a living fire.
    Gather round,
    to watch it burning.

    Lynn White

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  2. Watch it burn
    She said to him
    And with that
    They watched the bridge go up in flames
    Vowing never to return
    Their love was at the point of no return
    And they would let nothing keep them apart


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    1. Hi Syl! This response will be shared on the blog today at 4pm BST. Thank you so much for using our Issue III pre-prompts.


      1. Thank you very much, Kristiana! Fun prompts!

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