Issue IV: hades (the unseen)

Issue IV’s theme is Hades (the unseen), for more information about our fourth and final issue of 2021, read below.

Hades, Aïdes in Greek (meaning ‘the unseen’) was the god of the underworld. Although he ruled over the infernal powers and the dead in what became known as ‘the house of Hades’ or, simply ‘Hades’, and supervised the trial and punishment within Tartarus (a version of Hell), he did not pass judgement. This task was assigned to the Furies.

Despite this, Hades has received a reputation as being stern, pitiless and unmoved by prayer and sacrifice, as well as depicted as a predator in his abduction of Persephone who became his queen.

But, in truth, Hades has always lacked a distinct personality. He is aloof, removed, distant. There is much we do not know.

And so, for Issue IV, we invite you to explore the unknown, the unseen, the darkness and the infernal. Whether this be literally through depictions of an underworld and hell, or metaphorically by exploring how these things live within you or around you.

As always we are accepting poetry, visual poetry, prose, photography & artwork. 

Click for our submission guidelines

Submission deadline: 19th November 2021

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